Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ v10.0.1 for Windows

Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ v10.0.1 for Windows stands as a powerful tool for achieving professional-grade vocal effects and pitch correction. Developed by Antares Audio Technologies, this software builds upon the legacy of Auto-Tune while introducing new features and enhancements tailored for modern music production. Let’s explore what sets Auto-Tune EFX+ v10.0.1 apart and how it can elevate your vocal production to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Tune EFX+ v10.0.1 offers real-time pitch correction with unmatched accuracy and precision.
  • With its intuitive controls and advanced algorithms, you can easily correct pitch errors and achieve pitch-perfect vocals with minimal effort.
  • The software includes a variety of creative vocal effects, such as throat modeling, formant shifting, and vibrato control.
  • Whether you’re looking to add subtle polish or create unique vocal textures, Auto-Tune EFX+ v10.0.1 provides the tools and flexibility to achieve your desired sound.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: v10.0.1
  • Developer: Antares
  • Format: VST3, AAX
  • Bit depth: 64-bit
  • System requirements: Windows 10+
  • Download Size: 67.3 MB

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