iZotope RX 11 Audio Editor Advanced v10.4.0 for Windows

RX 11 offers a wealth of precision editing tools that empower users to manipulate audio with surgical precision. From spectral repair and de-essing to EQ matching and time stretching, RX 11 provides a comprehensive toolkit for shaping sound with unmatched accuracy and control.

Key Features

  • De-hum: iZotope RX 11 includes a specialized De-hum module that effectively reduces or eliminates unwanted hum and electrical interference from audio recordings, restoring clarity and fidelity.
  • De-ess: The De-ess module targets and reduces sibilance in vocal recordings, allowing users to achieve smoother, more natural-sounding results without compromising clarity or intelligibility.
  • Composite View: This feature provides a comprehensive view of multiple audio tracks or selections within a single window, facilitating comparison and analysis for precise editing and restoration.
  • Repair Assistant: iZotope RX 11 includes a Repair Assistant tool that automatically analyzes audio recordings and suggests appropriate repair settings based on the detected issues, simplifying the restoration process for users.

Technical Details

  • Product Name: reFX Trance Voices (Nexus 4 Expansion)
  • Type: Expansion Pack for Nexus 4
  • Developer/Publisher: reFX
  • Content: Contains vocal samples, presets, and other materials for use within the Nexus 4 plugin.

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