Moog Music Complete Moogerfooger Effects Bundle v1.3.0

The Moog Music Complete Moogerfooger Effects Bundle v1.3.0 offers a comprehensive suite of virtual effects plugins that replicate the distinctive analog sound and creative capabilities of Moog’s Moogerfooger hardware units. Whether used in music production, sound design, live performance, or educational settings, these plugins provide musicians, producers, and educators with powerful tools to enhance creativity, shape sounds, and achieve unique sonic results.

Applications and Use Cases

  • Creative Effects: Apply unique modulation effects, such as ring modulation, frequency shifting, and analog delay, to create interesting textures and sonic landscapes in music production.
  • Dynamic Control: Utilize envelope-controlled effects like the MF-101 Lowpass Filter and MF-108M Cluster Flux to dynamically shape the sound and add movement to instruments and vocals.
  • Special Effects: Create unconventional and distinctive sound effects for films, animations, and video games using the bundle’s diverse array of analog-inspired effects.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Download Moog Music – Complete Moogerfooger Effects Bundle 1.3.0 VST3, AAX x64 [06.2024] (TCD)
  • Original Publisher: Moog Music
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Format: VST3, AAX
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Require: Windows 10 – Windows 11
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 256.1 MB

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