Polydigm Software Klimper 2 v2.2.0

Polydigm Software, a renowned name in the field, continues to push the boundaries with its latest offering: Klimper 2 v2.2.0. This update brings a host of enhancements and features, promising to elevate the creative process for musicians and producers alike. With a serene sense of anticipation, users delve into the new version, greeted by an interface that feels familiar yet refreshed. The hallmark simplicity of Klimper remains intact, ensuring a smooth transition for seasoned users while welcoming newcomers with intuitive design.

Key Features 

  • Polydigm Synthesis Engine: Klimper 2 boasts a powerful polydigm synthesis engine that allows users to create rich, dynamic sounds with unparalleled depth and clarity.
  • Modular Environment: With its modular environment, Klimper 2 provides users with a flexible workspace for creating and arranging sounds.
  • Extensive Sound Library: Klimper 2 comes with an extensive library of high-quality presets spanning various genres and styles.
  • Advanced Sequencing Tools: This version of Klimper introduces advanced sequencing tools that streamline the composition process and enable users to create intricate rhythmic patterns and melodic sequences with ease.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: 2.2.0
  • Developer: Polydigm Software
  • Format: STANDALONE, VST3i
  • Bit depth: 64-bit
  • System requirements: Windows 8.1+
  • Download Size: 30.1 MB

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