Spitfire Audio Aska Matsumiya Crystal Bowls (KONTAKT)

Spitfire Audio Aska Matsumiya Crystal Bowls for KONTAKT is a versatile and high-quality instrument library that brings the unique and ethereal sounds of crystal bowls to your musical toolkit. Its high-quality samples, expressive articulations, and user-friendly interface make it an invaluable resource for any composer, producer, or sound designer looking to incorporate the enchanting sounds of crystal bowls into their work.

Applications and Use Cases

  • Meditative Sounds: Crystal bowls are often used in meditation and healing music due to their calming and soothing tones
  • Sound Healing: The pure, resonant tones of the crystal bowls can be incorporated into sound healing sessions and therapeutic music
  • Layering and Effects: The crystal bowl sounds can be layered with other instruments or processed with effects
  • Cinematic Sound Design: The pure, resonant tones of the crystal bowls are perfect for cinematic sound design, providing rich harmonic content that can be used to create evocative soundscapes and audio effects.
  • Experimental Sounds: Sound designers can experiment with the crystal bowl samples to create unconventional sounds and effects,

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Publisher: Spitfire Audio
  • Format: KONTAKT
  • Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
  • Size: 2.06 GB

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