Toontrack DARK INDUSTRIAL EZX Soundbank is more than just a collection of sounds; it’s a gateway to a world of sonic experimentation and creative expression. With its gritty textures, haunting atmospheres, and aggressive rhythms, it empowers producers to unleash their creativity and realize their artistic vision with intensity and emotion. As the landscape of music production continues to evolve, DARK INDUSTRIAL EZX stands as a testament to the enduring power of innovation and the boundless possibilities of sound design.

Key Features

  • Dark and Atmospheric Drum Samples: The DARK INDUSTRIAL EZX includes a diverse selection of drum samples designed to evoke a dark and brooding atmosphere.
  • MIDI Grooves: The EZX comes with a collection of MIDI grooves performed by professional drummers, covering a wide range of industrial and experimental styles, tempos, and feels.
  • Mix-Ready Presets: The DARK INDUSTRIAL EZX includes mix-ready presets crafted by professional engineers,

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Developer: Toontrack
  • Format: EZdrummer SOUNDBANK
  • Quality: 24-bit 44.1 kHz stereo
  • Download Size: 509.5 MB

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