Cytomic The Glue v1.7.0

Cytomic’s The Glue v1.7.0 is a software emulation of the iconic SSL bus compressor, renowned for its ability to add cohesion, punch, and glue to mixes. This plugin faithfully recreates the sonic characteristics and behavior of the original hardware unit while adding modern features and flexibility. Let’s delve into what makes The Glue v1.7.0 a must-have tool for producers, mixing engineers, and mastering engineers alike.

Key Features:

  • The Glue faithfully emulates the legendary SSL bus compressor’s sonic characteristics, including its transparent compression, punchy transient shaping, and subtle harmonic enhancement.
  • Whether used on individual tracks, subgroups, or the master bus, The Glue imparts the classic SSL sound that has graced countless hit records over the decades.
  • The Glue offers a comprehensive set of controls and parameters for shaping and controlling the compression effect.
  • Users can adjust the threshold, ratio, attack, release, and makeup gain to dial in the desired compression characteristics, from gentle leveling to aggressive pumping.

System Requirements:

  • Software Name: Cytomic The Glue
  • Version: 1.7.0
  • Plugin Formats: VST, VST3, AAX x64
  • Category: Audio Dynamics Processor
  • Developer: Cytomic

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